Aransas Habitat is devoted to making the dream of home-ownership true for low income families. We believe in a hand up, not a hand out, so partner families provide sweat equity into the building of their homes and join a strong lifetime community.

How do I become a Habitat Homeowner?

Do you meet the following criteria?

Need for Shelter

  • House in poor condition

  • Living with family or friends

  • Overcrowded living conditions

Ability to


  • Stable source of income

  • No excessive debt

  • Pay bills on time

Willingness to Partner

  • Sweat equity hours

  • Homeowner education classes

  • Be open and honest with us


PLEASE NOTE: At this time we are only accepting applications for families whose living situation was directly impacted (in any way) by Hurricane Harvey and living in Aransas County. If this describes your family, and you would like to proceed with applying for a Habitat Home with an affordable mortgage, please complete the below screening and return it as quickly as possible.

Aransas Habitat Screening Questionnaire