Aransas Habitat is devoted to making the dream of home-ownership true for low income families. We believe in a hand up, not a hand out, so partner families provide sweat equity into the building of their homes and join a strong lifetime community.

How do I become a Habitat Homeowner?

Habitat homes are not free! Monthly house payments will not exceed 30% of gross monthly income at the time of purchase. Payments include principal on the mortgage loan, property taxes, and homeowner’s insurance. Homeowners are responsible for maintaining their homes. Further information is available by attending a Habitat Orientation Meeting.

Habitat offers a long-term homeownership program and does not provide emergency housing.

The process to become a Habitat for Humanity homeowner can take 12 – 24 months and requires that you make the commitment to pay a portion of closing costs and a 0% interest mortgage.

In order to qualify for the Habitat program, you must:

* Live in Aransas County at least 1 year

* Be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident

* Demonstrate that you have a housing need

* Show that you can afford homeownership and monthly mortgage payments

* Be willing to partner with Habitat and help build your house


Do you meet the criteria?

Need for Shelter

  • Must be an Aransas County Resident for at least 1 year

  • House in poor condition

  • Living with family or friends

  • Paying over 30% of your paycheck on rent

Ability to


  • Stable source of income

  • No excessive debt

  • Pay bills on time

Willingness to Partner

  • Sweat equity hours

  • Homeowner education classes

  • Be open and honest with us

Aransas County Income Limits*

Family Size Minimum MONTHLY Income** Maximum MONTHLY Income† 
1 $2,550 $3,400
2 $2,913 $3,883
3 $3,279 $4,371
4 $3,638 $4,854
5 $3,933 $5,246
6 $4,221 $5,633
7 $4,513 $6,021
8 $4,804 $6,408

* These numbers are based on the HUD income guidelines as of May 2023 for Aransas County and are subject to change without notice.

** Minimum MONTHLY Income (gross income, before taxes)

† Maximum MONTHLY Income (gross income, before taxes)